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UrbanThought, Inc. provides IT consulting, process automation consulting, database management, website design, e-commerce system creation, and policy and statistical analysis services in the New York City, NY metropolitan area.

We offer Microsoft Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) automation, statistical analysis (using SPSS and SAS), data processing, and Access, SQL, & web-based database creation. As well, in association with Binaryspark Consulting, we offer website and e-commerce site design and creation.

Aaron Michael Glazer is UrbanThought's primary consultant. Aaron Glazer is a consultant, freelance journalist and researcher who has several years experience with survey and policy analysis, SPSS, Excel and Access (Visual Basic for Applications) programming, MS-SQL and mySQL databasing, and journalistic and technical writing.

UrbanThought, Inc. is based in New York, NY. The majority of our work is handled virtually, and we can assist clients local to the New York City metropolitan area, elsewhere in the United States, and globally. UrbanThought, Inc. has worked with clients in New York, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, Florida, Colorado, and Bangkok, Thailand.


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